Kabale Transport Operators, Mechanics Have up to May 1st to Relocate to Mwanjari Cemetery

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According to Byamugisha, the two years’ negotiations with mechanics, bus and taxi operators to relocate peacefully haven’t yielded positive results.
Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha, Kabale Municipality Mayor showing our reporter one of the ready bus and taxi parks at mwanjari cemetery

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Motor vehicle and bicycle mechanics in the three divisions in Kabale Municipality and Taxi and Bus operators in Kigongi along Kabale-Mbarara High Way Central division, have up to May this year to relocate to Mwanjari cemetery in Southern division.

Currently, mechanics operate along Garage Street, Kigongi and Kekubo in the central division, Rwakaraba and Lower Bugongi in Northern division.  Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha, the Mayor Kabale Municipality told our reporter on Friday afternoon that no mechanic, bus or Taxi driver will be allowed to operate outside Mwanjari cemetery starting May 2nd, 2021.

According to Byamugisha, the two years’ negotiations with mechanics, bus and taxi operators to relocate peacefully haven’t yielded positive results. Byamugisha says that their decision to relocate the mechanics and operators is aimed at paving way for the construction of storied shopping malls along Garage Street as well as end congestion in Kigongi along the highway.  

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  Kenneth Muhoozi and Jimmy Keita, both motor vehicle mechanics say they want the municipal authorities to guarantee the safety of passengers who will be walking through dark spots in Hakirindi valley to and from Mwanjari to board taxis and buses.


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Byamugisha says that the municipal authorities have already initiated talks with Muhammad Chewalyanga, the acting Kabale District Police Commander to establish three police posts at Mwanjari cemetery as well as intensify deployment around the dark spots. 

He also says that they have plans to installing security lights in the entire cemetery as well as extending solar street lights from Hakirindi valley to Mwanjari.

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  In 2019, Kabale Municipality completed the redevelopment of Mwanjari cemetery in Southern Division along Kabale-Katuna road by erecting lockups, lavatories and space to accommodate the garage, Bus and taxi parks.  

However, taxi and bus drivers decided to operate in front of the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) yard in Kigongi along Kabale-Mbarara high way after the authorities demolished the bus and taxi park in Kigongi to pave way for the ongoing construction of a modern

market under Markets and Agricultural Trade Improvement program – MATIP III.

In November 2019, municipal authorities held a meeting with mechanics and asked them to voluntarily relocate to Mwanjari cemetery in vain. The mechanics argued that Mwanjari cemetery is not strategic for their customers.  In February 2020, taxi and bus drivers staged a demonstration leading to running battles with police and UNRA officials for chasing them from their ward.