Kabale Woman Steals Toddler to Save Own Marriage

Woman steals baby to save her marriage
Fortunate Ampaire, a resident of Bushuro village in Kabale is in trouble for stealing a 3-year-old baby to save her marriage.


Ampaire is accused of stealing the son of her friend Merab Kyompaire last evening. Trouble started yesterday when Kyompaire asked her friend Ampaire to escort her to hospital for the treatment of her sick son.


It is alleged that as Kyompaire lined up to receive medicine for her son, Ampaire requested to baby sit the baby before disappearing without trace.


A search ensued for the suspect until this morning when she was found with the baby at her home. Edison Biryomunsi, the LC I chairman of Bushuro says that during interrogation, Ampaire confessed to stealing the boy to save her marriage because she had failed to conceive.


She said that she spent nine month pretending that she was pregnant but when the time elapsed she had no choice but steal a baby because her husband is getting impatient with her failure to conceive.


Ampaire has been handed over to the police for further investigations.