Kabale Women Soccer League Hits Snag

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The Women soccer league in Kabale has flopped because the football administrators have failed to raise enough members for the five teams.
Jackline Kyomugisha, Captain of the Tereza Mbiire FC, says most women are disinterested in the sport.
Kyomugisha says attempts to recruit and retain women in soccer are proving to be a hard task because the drop out rate is extremely high.
Kabale district football association recently launched a programme to woo more women into soccer by offering free club registration opportunities.
This strategy has however failed to attract any interest.
Some women however say that their participation in soccer has been limited by lack of uniforms and shower rooms.
Musa Mugerwa, the Ndorwa secondary school sports teacher, says that women soccer can be boosted if promoted right from primary school level.
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Kabale diocese through its youth department has raised two teams so far that could participate in the league.