Kabarole Storm Victims Cry for Government Help

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Four days after a hailstorm destroyed farms in Karambi Sub-County in Kabarole, victims of the storm have not received any support or relief aid from the district.

The storm on Sunday evening hit the villages of Gahomutwe, Kadali, Buheesi, Rwabaganda, Kyarukegete, Kigaya and Kagusu. 40 chicken, 15 goats and 50 pigs were killed by the hailstones. Acre upon acre of cabbages, cassava, tomatoes, bananas, beans and maize fields were flooded and the crops were torn to shreds.

Although the extent of the storm damage was reported a day later, no district local government authorities in Kabarole have visited Karambi to assess the situation. Appeals to the Ministry of Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees are unanswered.

Tadeo Byaruhanga of Gahomutwe says he does not know where to begin to help his family recover from the loss. Earlier this year he got a bank loan to help him till his four acres of tomatoes and cabbages. He was preparing to harvest part of his crops when the storm hit.

Byaruhanga says he lost his entire plantation to the storm. He says he doesn't want a lot of money to rebuild his farm and only requests for an interest-free loan to help him recover his losses.

Christopher Irumba cannot help but break down crying when he thinks of his future.

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Irumba lost his cattle and his fields of cabbages and onions in the storm.

The LC1 chairman of Kadali village, Robert Monday, calls on the people of Karambi not to loose hope. He says he has informed the district authorities to assist victims of the storm. He however says that even if government does not respond, the people of Karambi will work with affected friends and neighbors to help them rebuild their lives.