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Kabarole Youth Centre to Start Operations

The centre, whose operations had stalled for four years, was constructed under the Luwero-Rwenzori Development Programme at a cost of 300 Million shillings.
Kabarole youth center
Kabarole Youth Centre is to start operations after the youth drew a business plan and budget for the centre.

The centre, whose operations had stalled for four years, was constructed under the Luwero-Rwenzori Development Programme at a cost of 300 Million shillings.  The programme was an intervention by Government to improve the livelihoods of communities, which suffered destruction during the 1981-1986 NRA war and the 1996-2003 Allied Democratic Forces rebel insurgency.  

It was meant to host a social hall, offices for rent, and an internet café. However, since the commissioning, it had remained underutilized by the youths. The youths had also planned to construct other facilities on the 2 acre piece of land. A hatchery and hydra foam block-making machine.

In 2016, the district rented out the facility to Kampala International University – KIU to host their students who were doing internship at Fort Portal Regional Hospital at 1.5 million shillings monthly.     

Since then, the facility has been out of bounds for the youth until November when the agreement expired and KIU vacated the centre.     

According to the Kabarole District Male Youth Councillor, Timothy Ruhweza, the plan and budget followed a youth council meeting held at the centre located in Nyabukara ward, West Division Fort Portal.

The plan shows that the facility will now have a conference hall, equipped youth offices, and an information centre.  

The centre will also be equipped with 300 plastic chairs that will cost 7.5 million shillings, 10 fans at 3.5 million shillings, and two conference tables at 1.1 million shillings.    

Others include a public address system that will cost 18.2 million shillings, the resource centre with six computers, an internet router, a printer, a bookshelf, among other things have been budgeted to cost 11.5 million shillings.

Margaret Kabajwara, the Kabarole Female Youth Councillor, says that although the total amount for operationalisation of the centre is 99.6 million shillings, they will use the already available 61 million shillings as they realize more funds.

During the time when KIU was still occupying the centre, the Kabarole district leadership came under sharp criticism from the youth led by their chairperson, Christopher Aliganyira, who argued that the rent had been undervalued and that they also needed to utilize the centre, though they didn’t have funds.    

In 2015, President Museveni donated to the youth a hydrafoam machine for making blocks. However, the machine had come with missing parts that include a cylinder levers, Greece gun, Greece tins, and a spanner tool kit, all valued at 560,000 shillings.     

However, the machine had, for no clear reason, been left to rot at Mucwa yard in Fort Portal municipality.

In the plan and budget for the youth centre, the machine, which has a capacity of making up to 10,000 blocks daily, will also be put to use.    

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