Kabujogera Town Council Struggling Without Gov't Funding

According to Musana Nathan, the chairperson LC3 Kicheche Sub county who also doubles as Mayor Kabujogera Town council during an interview with URN reporter earlier on Thursday, said the Town council received only 50M as startup fund in 2016 and since they have never received any more money.

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Kabujogera Town council in Kitagwenda District is operating on debts following the failure by the central government to fund its operations since it was created. 

Kabujogera Town was created in 2016 together with Ntara Town Council. 

But Nathan Musana, the LC 3 Chairperson Kicheche Sub County who also doubles as the Chairperson Kabujogera Town council, says that they only received a startup fund of Shillings 50M in 2016 and have never received any more funding.  

He says the Shillings 50 million was used to operationalize the town council. Musana says they are currently operating on the little local revenue collections and creditors.


//Cue in: As a new Town…     

Cue out: …that is computers.”//   

Musana says that he tasked area Members of Parliament to lobby resources from the Finance Ministry but the Ministry reportedly advised the Chief Administrative Officer, Eliab Ntagwete to scrap the town council from the map of Kitagwenda District.

However, Musana says following recent consultations with the Ministry, they are hopeful that the will annul their advice and offer them the needed operational resources.


//Cue in: and I was clear…    

Cue out: … give us funds.”//


Edward Twinamasiko owns a shop in the Town Council. He says for the last two years the business community has been operating in a filthy town dotted with garbage. 

Musana calls for patience among residents who have been decrying the poor services in the town council, saying their hands are tied.