Kabuleta Rallies Political Losers for Developmental Activities in Communities

The National Economical Empowerment Dialogue-NEED coordinator, Joseph Kabuleta addressing journalists. (3)

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Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has rallied political losers from Busoga sub region to engage in economic related activities aimed at empowering their communities, rather than concentrating on politicking all the time. 

Speaking to election losers attached to different political parties in Jinja city on Friday, Kabuleta argued that criticizing a government which is not willing to address service delivery gaps, is frustrating to the voters.Kabuleta instead advises that it is prudent for election losers to engage the electorate in economic freedom related advocacy drives that will push responsible authorities to embrace reforms.

Kabuleta who also launched his advocacy group in Busoga sub region known as National Economical Empowerment Dialogue-NEED, says that election losers too have followers within their communities. THerefore, he argues, meaningful engagements on developmental issues will lay foundation for financial freedom within their areas. 

He further says that, much as they lost during the final election tallies, they too had economic empowerment programs for their communities and through advocacy, such politicians have a platform to fulfill part of their mandate to the people who elected them despite losing the final election. 

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Cue out…the poorest regions,”.//

Ritah Nakayiza, the National Unity Platform-NUP women chairperson in Mayuge district says that residents in Busoga sub region rank high on the country’s poverty index levels due to lack of leaders to sensitize them about the merits of mindset change. However with constant reawakening drives, Nakayiza says, a bigger portion of the population will slowly break the barriers blocking them from the money economy. 

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Sharifah Bibi, the NUP candidate who lost in the Buyende district women parliamentary race, says that Busoga sub region is endowed with several resources like lakes, River Nile and wetlands, that would have been beneficial to the communities if only the leaders themselves alongside other technocrats took center stage in enterprise identification on behalf of the electorates.

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Cue out…twetola mubwavu,”.//

Meanwhile Forum for Democratic Change -FDC's Dr. Frank Nabwiso, who lost Jinja city’s mayoral seat argues that the most powerful politicians within Busoga have concentrated their energies on rivalism amongst themselves and creating factions of royalists within the wide population.Instead, he observes, they should be lobbying government to institute developmental projects, lack of which has contributed to the increasing poverty levels within the sub region.