Kadaga Defends Oil Debate

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has defended the recently concluded debate on oil as vital for all Ugandans

Kadaga says some top officials in government are blaming her for allowing the members of parliament debate on oil agreements during the emergency parliamentary session in October.

But she maintains she could not block the oil debate,  yet Ugandans desire a lot of information regarding oil transactions. She says as elected people’s representatives, there was no need for her to block Parliamentarians from discussing the oil agreements.


Ugandans need to know what is transpiring in the oil sector and what they will get from the oil and the entire transactions in oil, said Kadaga.

The speaker lashed out at those intimidating her and assured Ugandans that the 9th parliament will do what Ugandans want.


Her comments come at a time when Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and Internal Affairs Minister Hillary Onek are under fire to resign to pave way for investigations over their alleged illegal transactions in oil deals.


Kadaga spoke to journalists on Saturday shortly after presiding over a thanks giving service and victory party for Bugangaizi East Member of Parliament Mabel Bakeine at Kisiita seed secondary school in Kibaale district.

Bakeine whose election victory was first challenged by her immediate rival Aisha Agaba over alleged election malpractice, hailed the electorate for re-electing her.

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