Kagadi Fuel Stations Under Probe over Fuel Adulteration

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Fuel stations in Kagadi are being investigated for adulterating the fuel supplied to motorists.

George William Namyaka, the district chairman, says that his office has received reports showing that some fuel filling stations are mixing kerosene with petrol and selling it to motorists.

A petition signed by the Kagadi Town Clerk, Deo Gafabusa Karaali, shows that his office has received reports from motorists that some fuel filling stations have grabbed the fuel crisis as an opportunity to reap huge profits through dubious actions.

Adulterated fuel can cause considerable problems and damage to engines resulting in costly repairs

According to the town clerk, several Boda boda cyclists have been forced out of business because of mechanical problems sparked off by adulterated fuel.

The town clerk has asked the RDC and DISO to launch an investigation into the alleged adulteration of fuel.