Kalangala Cyclone Survivors Receive Relief 6 Days Later

Red Cross Uganda has finally delivered relief items to the stranded cyclone victims in Kalangala. More than 200 people were left homeless by the cyclone that swept through Mazinga island last week.
Cyclone victims looking at their destroyed houses
Red Cross Uganda has finally delivered relief items to dozens of stranded cyclone victims in Kalangala.


Last week, a tropical Cyclone swept through Lujaabwa landing site in Kalangala district leaving 200 people homeless.


The incident happened at about 4am on Mazinga, one of the distant Islands in the district close to the Uganda-Tanzanian border.


The cyclone, the first of its kind in 50 years, battered the landing site for about 30 minutes destroying houses, boats and other property worth millions of shillings. 10 people, mostly children, sustained serious injuries after being hit by falling debris.


On Friday, the affected cyclone victims were temporarily relocated to the incomplete Lujaabwa Health Centre II for shelter. 


Local leaders in the area claim that 70 children were exposed to malaria due to mosquito bites because they don’t have any mosquito nets to protect themselves.


However, after days of suffering, Red Cross has finally delivered some relief items to the affected victims.


Ibrahim Ssenyonga, the Red Cross Branch Manager Kalangala, says they have delivered non-food items which were bought by the Red Cross Secretariat in Kampala.


Ssenyonga says they have delivered blankets, tarpaulins, mattresses, cups and plates. They have also brought for the cyclone survivors soap, cooking pots and mosquito nets. He says they have also provided some medication to a few children who are unwell.


The delivery of these items has excited the victims some of whom had spent nights in the cold because of lack of beddings.


Ibrahim Kasinde, one of the cyclone victims, says they are grateful for the relief items.


 Kasinde explains that the most vulnerable victims are 70 children who have been sleeping with little or no cover. He says most of them did not have what to sleep on at time and would bed on the floor.


The cyclone survivors have requested Kalangala district health department to dispatch more health workers at Lujaabwa to provide medical services to them. They say the one nurse stationed at Lujaabwa health centre is overwhelmed.


Dr. Hillary Bitakalamire, the Kalangala District Medical Officer, says the district will send more personnel to the affected Island later on Wednesday to observe the conditions of the victims and see how they can intervene.