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Kalangala Voters Demand Better Roads, Hospital

They say these are the top issues politicians, including presidential, parliamentary and local government candidates, must address as they canvass for votes in the island district.
A man ferrying two jerrycans of water at Bunyama Landing Site

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Voters in Kalangala district want candidates contesting for different elective positions to improve the road network, improve sanitation and construct a district hospital. 

According to the 2014 national census, Kalangala had an estimated population of 70,800 people. The district is also made up of 84 islands with 2 counties- Kyamuswa and Bujumba, 7 sub-counties, 17 parishes and 105 villages. 

However, seven out of the 84 islands have health facilities.

Nalongo Locas, a resident of Bunyama Island, says there are over 400 residents in the island but there is only one toilet at the landing site and one public primary school on the island, which is over 8km away from the Kagonya Landing site.

She also adds that the absence of a public health centre on the island has resulted in high transport costs to the health centers IV in Kalangala Town council. She says that since some residents can’t afford the costs, patients die before reaching the health facility on Buggala island.

//Cue in: “Tetuyina… 

Cue out:…ligwayo.”//         

Uthman Mukiibi, a resident of Bukasa, says that although the island has a health centre III, they need a water ambulance that will provide emergency medical care in the island and surrounding islands.      

//Cue in: “Ku Bukasa…                

Cue out:…transport.”//       

Judith Nalubega, a resident of Bunyama Island says that the politicians focus on addressing the needs of the electorate rather than bribe voters.    


//Cue in: “No…         C

ue out:…biri.”//         

Joseph Lwanga, the LCI Chairman Mwena Village says the landing site has 700 residents but they all use one toilet.     

//Cue in: “Tulinga…  

Cue out:…toilet.”//          


Nalongo Locas and other residents from Buggala, Bukasa and Bunyama Islands also want the ministry of health to upgrade Kalangala health centre IV to a district hospital. 


Willy Lugoloobi, Kalangala LC V Chairperson, says that President Yoweri Museveni pledged last year that the district would get a hospital, however it remains unfulfilled.    

Cue in: “We are looking….              

Cue out:…the biggest challenge.”//        

Lugoloobi, however, says the district council has been reminding the central government about the other unfulfilled presidential pledges in vain.