Kalerwe's Slain Teenager Wanted to be a Lawyer

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The 12-year-old boy who was killed by a special police constable in Kalerwe yesterday wanted to become a lawyer.
Willy Byamukama, was the light that kept glowing in the eyes of his middle aged parents. But the light was extinguished by the senseless pull of the trigger. He was killed by a stray bullet during a botched security operation in Kalerwe.
On the fateful day, Byamukama had not gone to school, because he had on the previous day been sent home over unpaid school fees.
His mother Goretti Nnanyonga operates a small bar in Kalerwe. She was busy working trying to raise some money for her son's school fees when the numbing news hit her like a volcano.
Nnanyonga continues to grieve for her son. She described her son as a very promising youngster, who he hoped would one day would deliver the family from the hard life in the slum.
A second born in a family of three, Byamukama was just a year away from completing his primary education. He hoped to join one of the good schools in Kampala.
Nnanyonga, who has lost her voice because of grief, says her son's killer bullet has shattered her dream that one day Byamukama would become a lawyer, like some of his distant cousins. She spoke through a translator.
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Nnanyonga said she wants the government to not only meet the burial expenses but also pay adequate compensation for his loss.
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Byamukama's neighbours and playmates talked of a boy who was a very good hearted person and a role model for other children.
Like other parents who want a better and secure life for their children, Nnanyonga said she wants particularly the SPCs to be helped with the right knowledge, skills and attitude in dealing with civilians.
She explains that this is crucial because Byamukama brings to three the number of locals killed by the SPCs in the area in less than a year.
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The mood at the home remains charged, with mourners from near and far pouring in to pay their last respects and console the family.
Dozens of youths have also converged on the home, with some openly discussing what should be done to the SPCs.
Judith Nabakooba, the police spokesperson, said an investigation has been instituted into the incident, adding that there is a plan to disband the SPCs altogether because they seem to be doing more harm than good.

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