Kalungu LC 5 Chairman Apologizes To Muslims For Touching Pigs

According to Mukiibi, he thought Islam only prohibits eating pork but touching it wasn’t a crime.
Ahmed Nyombi Mukiibi, the Kalungu LC5 Chairman, handing over one of the pigs during the distribution exercise.

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Ahmed Nyombi Mukiibi, the Kalungu district LC 5 Chairman has apologized to the Muslim fraternity for flouting Islamic principles and touching pigs.


Trouble for Mukiibi started when he presided over the distribution of over 100 pigs under the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) to the residents at the district headquarters in Kaasabale village on Saturday.

He physically carried the piglets one by one and handed them to the respective beneficiaries. 

Mukiibi defended his actions, saying that as a leader he had to lead by example to ensure that the piglets reach the intended beneficiaries.  

However, his action drew protests from the Muslim community, saying it was provocative, disrespectful and tarnished the image of Islam.  

Sheikh Badru Wasajja Kiruuta, the Kadhi Kalungu Muslim District promised to summon the LC V Chairperson to explain his conduct. Pigs are considered unclean in the Islamic faith.   

A group of Muslims threatened to storm Mukiibi’s office to express their dissatisfaction with his disgraceful conduct. 

This morning, Mukiibi issued a  public apology to his Imam, local Muslim leaders, Kadhi and the Mufti of Uganda for contravening Islamic principles.

He told URN that he has been receiving calls from different people including Muslim leaders in the district and the region seeking an apology. 

According to Mukiibi, he thought Islam only prohibits eating pork but touching it wasn’t a crime.  

He, however, says that the incident has helped him to understand that even touching swine is forbidden.

//Cue in: “Njikoze verbally………………  

Cue out:…………nja ku delegatinga.”//   

Mukiibi said that he had realized his mistake and repented to his creator and apologized to Muslim leaders at various levels.  

//Cue in: “Nze buli lwentegeera………….

Cue out:………gwe kitayisiza bulungi.”//

Sheikh Badru Wasajja Kiruuta, Kalungu District Kadhi, says that they talked to Mukiibi not to engage himself in distributing pigs since it is prohibited for Muslims to touch and eat pork. 

He, however, said that they will go on with their scheduled meeting tomorrow to discuss various issues including Mukiibi’s action.

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