Kampala Businessman on the Run for Attempted Arson

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Police are hunting for a Kampala based vehicle importer, David Mafabi, who yesterday attempted to burn down Wimpy hotel in Mbale.

Ibbin Ssekumbi, the Eastern Uganda Police Spokesperson, says Mafabi, currently on the run is suspected to have attempted to burn Wimpy Hotel, after suspecting that his girlfriend had checked into one of the hotel rooms with another man.

Ssekumbi explains that Mafabi first stormed the hotel at midnight demanding that he be led to a room where his girlfriend was staying, but was turned away by the hotel management.

Raging with fury, Mafabi returned later at 2.00am with a jerrican of petrol which he doused on a vehicle packed in the hotel yard in an apparent attempt to torch it. His plan was however foiled by a guard who acted swiftly and prevented Mafabi from igniting the fire.

Ssekumbi says Mafabi managed to escape from the guard before police arrived at the scene.

He says Mafabi will be charged with attempted arson.