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Kampala Central Division Polling Assistants Cry Out for Their Pay :: Uganda Radionetwork

Kampala Central Division Polling Assistants Cry Out for Their Pay

Some of the polling agents from 126 polling stations in Kampala Central Division this morning gathered at the Election District Administrator's Office and voiced their grievances.
Abdallah Mugagga Electoral Comission contract letter

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Some 756 polling agents who have been manning the polls in Kampala Central division for the Electoral Commission (EC) have not been paid for their work.


The polling agents are demanding for training allowances for one day of 10,000 shillings each and 80,000 shillings for the work done during the presidential and parliamentary elections, as well as for the local council five (LCV) elections held on January 14th and 20th, 2021 respectively. 

Some of the polling agents from 126 polling stations in Kampala Central Division this morning  gathered at the Election District Administrators Office and voiced their grievances. They say that they were meant to get paid immediately after the training, final tally and handing over the declaration forms of each election date. They say some of them received contracts and were paid, while some did not receive contracts and have not been paid.

Gary Lineker, a polling assistant assigned to work at Kakajjo I polling station in Bukesa, Kampala Central division says they did their work but they have not been paid, they leave late at night and use a lot of money to get back home. 

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Another EC polling agent in the Central Division says she was trained at Nakasero primary school and promised 10,000 shillings as training allowance, but would get an additional 40,000 shillings pay day she worked at her Nakasero II M –Z polling station.

Since the training on 4th January 2021, she has not received any money, but claims to have used more money than what she is owed in arrears.

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Abdallah Mugagga, a polling assistant at Kamwokya II community A- L says that it is sad he risked to participate in the 2021 general elections after some people expressed fear.

Mugagga, says that they spent the whole day and most of the night at the polling station, but now issues of pay are coming up.He says that this is unfair especially of leaders. 

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The Kampala Central Division Election Administrator Doreen Musiime, confirms that it is true they didn't have enough cash to pay all the polling assistants, but their cheque of close to 16 million shillings is available and will be banked in order for the agents can be paid next week after Mondays elections. 

She says overseeing the concurrent elections in 2021 has stretched her team to deliver results from the elections and also do the administrative work at office, but some officials,  about a hundred have been paid.    

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Carol Nimusiima, a parish supervisor for Nakasero parish says due to the busy schedule, some polling assistants did not receive their appointments

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