Kamuli Town Council Pushes for Expansion of Water Works

Kamuli town council is pushing for the expansions of the water works to increase access to clean water services by residents.

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Kamuli town council is pushing for the expansions of water works in the town council to increase access to clean water services by residents. Kamuli town council is supplied by water from Kasambira and Namwendwa water dam. Both water dams were constructed by government ten years ago to supply piped water to about 700 residents in the town council.



However, the population in Kamuli town council has grown to about 3000 increasing demand for clean water services. Moses Kaduuba, Kamuli Water engineer says that currently more than 160 homes in the town council are connected to the piped water system. He says each of the 600 water taps in the town council serves about 200 people daily that has over stretched the capacity of the available water system.



Kaduuba says that the town council requires two big water tanks with a capacity over 100,000 liters each to meet the increasing demand of clean water from residents. He also the pumps at Kasambira and Namwendwa also need to be replaced with bigger pumps to increase the water supply.


//Cue in “the system is too old…”

Cue out “…needs to be up graded.”//



In addition, the water plants are also affected by the current electricity load shading. Helen Namukobe, a plumber at Kamuli water works says they have no generator which forces them to shut down the water plant during load shading. She also says that incase of high power they switch off the water plants because there is no power stabilizer to regulate the power.

Namukobe appeals to government to give them a generator and power stabilizer to operate the water works fully. The inconsistence of the water plants some times forces residents to go without water for almost an entire week. Gonza Bukenya, a resident of Lufula Ndizi in Kamuli says the water problem in the town council is so serious.


\\\\ Cue in “in Kamuli the water is too scarce…”

Cue out “…everything is, you can’t tell.”//


He says people located on high places in the town council don’t receive enough water because of the low pressure from the pumps. David Musasizi, Kamuli Town Council LC III chairman says they planning to lobby government to address the water problem in the town council.