Kamuswaga Evicts Rakai Local Government from his Property

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The Rakai district headquarters were sealed off yesterday because of accumulated rent arrears.
The three buildings that house the headquarters are the official property of the Kamuswaga of Kooki, Apollo Ssansa Kabambuli. In 2006 Kabambuli signed an agreement with the district administration for the lease of the property until the local government constructs its own buildings.
On 4th December, the Kamuswaga sent a last reminder to the district to clear the rent arrears. He said if the money wasn't paid by December 31st, the district would be evicted.
At a news conference in Rakai yesterday, Kabambuli, said his chiefdom had run out of patience. He said the district administration owes more than 50 million shillings to Kooki, which it should pay as soon as possible.
The Kamuswaga also claimed that the Rakai local government illegally grabbed Kooki land. He said he has learned that the 370 acres of land were recently sold by the Rakai Land Board.
For many district staff, the closure of the offices was an opportunity for them to go home early for the New Year's holiday. Both the Rakai Chief Administrative Officer and the LC5 chairman have refused to comment on the matter.
Rakai local government has no where to go. It hasn't yet started the construction of its headquarters.