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Kasese Youth Justify Demand for Kiira Plant to Make Kayoola Buses :: Uganda Radionetwork

Kasese Youth Justify Demand for Kiira Plant to Make Kayoola Buses

They argue that the presence in the Rwenzori region of key minerals needed in the automotive industry makes Kasese the ideal location as their extraction from the bulky raw materials would make the plant viable as the operation cheaper than if they had to transport the ores long distances for smelting.
Locals take a closer look at the first diseal bus built from Uganda

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When the Kayoola Diesel Coach -KDC made a tour of the mountainous Rwenzori region in western Uganda earlier in the week, the youth of Kasese saw more than a joyful ride in the most luxurious coach ever to roll on Ugandan roads. They went ahead and pitched for a plant to manufacture components of Kiira vehicles in their area. 

The excitement of the Uganda made luxury bus for residents of Kasese municipality started on Saturday evening. 

The locally-made diesel-powered bus was on road test drives through the Rwenzori region.

There was excitement in Kasese as town dwellers turned-up in numbers to have a glance at the vehicle, grab photo moments while others cheered on as it made drives through the town on Saturday and Sunday morning.

The UBJ-720H dark grey 47-seater bus was made by Kiira Motors Corporation -KMC, a state enterprise spearheading the making of vehicles in Uganda and the Luweero Industries, a military institution. 

Configured to a luxury interior featuring reclining leather seats, footrests, a lavatory, foldable tables, WiFi and CCTV cameras, those who had a moment inside the bus described it as awesome experience.

To some, the company should immediately  open a plant in the district given its abundant  mineral resources including coppers and cobalt.

Juma Muloda the chairperson Kasese special hire drivers said he was excited to get the first comfort of the bus he has for long heard that its made by Ugandans. 

He says the innovation is a sign that the country is steadily developing.

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Enock Bwambale says the bus is an indication that Uganda and its population is progressing in terms of technology. 

Bwamable believes the locally made buses can ease on the cost of transport for business persons but also open up employment opportunities. 

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Moses Muhamad Korutaro said it was exciting to see an extra ordinary bus made by Ugandans. 

He thinks because the vehicles are locally made the cost of transport within the country might reduce. 

However, Korutaro also says the company should think of establishing a plant in Kasese since the district also has some of the needed materials. 

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20 year old Edwin Bwambale wants the company to expand its operations so welders like him can have employment opportunities. 

But John Kaganda who was impressed by the exterior of the bus says there is still some rumbling of the engine which can be a discomfort to travelers. 

Kaganda who is also a driver recommends that the company improves on its engine sound.

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Allan Muhumuza, the director sales and marketing at Kiira Motors Corporation, said the the Kayoola KDC is designed to plug the range gap between the Kayoola EVS, which is primarily suited the urban commuter services, and the needs of long-distance operators. 

He said the company decided to exhibit the vehicle in various parts of the country to demonstrate to Ugandans the opportunities in the automotive industry for local content development. 

Muhumuza added that the automobiles present opportunities for Ugandans to participate in the manufacture of auto parts and components as well as other direct and indirect benefits.

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The RDC Joe Walsumbi who received the bus believes the new bus gives hope to Ugandans that the country is indeed growing.   For Kasese such innovations can boost the tourism sector, according to Walusimbi.

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The Kayoola EDS is complementing the Kayoola EVS that runs exclusively on electricity.

The diesel bus consumes only 22 litres every 100kms and it has a tank that stores 500 litres. This means it can go 2,000km with no need of refueling. 

The cooperation plans to produce 1,030 buses this year. 

No specific price has so far been announced  but the team said this will depend on what a client needs.

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