Katanga Residents Claim to have Paid Handsomely for Slum Land

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Residents of Katanga slum in Kampala, who are facing eviction from Makerere University, have vowed not to leave the area because they paid handsomely for the shacks they are living in.

The slum dwellers have been ordered to leave Katanga immediately. The directive follows a ruling by the High Court which declared Makerere University the rightful owner of a large section of the Katanga valley.

But the residents, many who have had their makeshift houses demolished by the university, say they are going no where.

Shaban Ssentongo of Busia zone in Katanga claims to have paid 150,000 shillings to a man called Majidu Kigudde for the small piece of land on which his house was built. The house, which he shared with his wife and children, was pulled down by court bailiffs.

Agnes Nalubega, also a resident of Busia zone, says she paid the same amount of money for a plot on which to build the two tiny rooms that comprised her house. She says she bought the plot from Kigudde, who is commonly known in the area as Musajja wa Kabaka