Katikkiro Mayiga Calls for Proper Schools Reopening

According to Katikkiro Mayiga, schools should reopen but in an orderly way preceded by the vaccination of all teachers and non teaching stuff
14 Sep 2021 18:02
Katikkiro Mayiga with some of the people of Mukono and Buikwe

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Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has implored the government to put up a proper roadmap of reopening schools in the country amidst the ongoing pandemic. 

He says this should begin with ensuring that all teachers and non-teaching staff are vaccinated.


The Katikkiro says that there should be clear guidelines on the ongoing vaccination of teachers and non-teaching staff bound by time so that they are vaccinated effectively in order for the schools to be opened.

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This, he says will prevent schools from being a breeding ground for Covid-19 when reopened as it was earlier when schools had many students and teachers infected with covid-19.

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According to Mayiga, the longer schools stay closed, the more the future of the children gets bleak as many have ventured off into economic activities such as selling masks along the roads. 

He also says the economy is being affected greatly as many people are unemployed and therefore not earning.

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Mayiga has been speaking at Bulange Mengo at a function during which a group of Buganda loyalists from different sub counties in Mukono and Buikwe district presented 8.7 million Shilling to support kingdom activities.


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