Kayunga Shrine Murders: Two Witchdoctors Acquitted, One Convicted

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The two were acquitted after the cross examination of Ssebuyungo who changed his plea of not guilty to guilty and testified against his accomplices. Ssebuyungo only implicated Muhammad Wamala for spearing all the murders and a police officer Harriet Nabitaka revealing that only knew about the acquitted in the cell but did not directly work with them.
27 Nov 2019 17:52
Suspects in the murder of Zulaika Nansamba and four others
Mukono High Court Judge, Margret Mutonyi has acquitted two witchdoctors of six counts of murder and aggravated human trafficking. They are James Lutwama and Fred Kizza Ssemanda.

They were arrested together with four others in connection to the murder of Zulaikah Nansamba alias Mirembe and four other people in a shrine at Kisoga Local Council-LCI in Kayunga District in 2017.  

 The others are Muhammad Wamala alias Vincent Paul, Joseph Kibuuka alias Junior, Isah Walakira and Wilber Ssebuyungo.  Justice Mutonyi acquitted the duo after the cross examination of Ssebuyungo who changed his plea from not guilty to guilty and testified against his accomplices.

In his testimony, Ssebuyungo implicated Muhammad Wamala for spearheading the murders and Corporal Harriet Nabitaka. He told court that he only met James Lutwama and Fred Kizza Ssemanda in the police cells and had never worked with them prior to their arrest.

This prompted Justice Mutonyi to rule that there was need to keep the duo in prison since there was evidence incriminating them. “I find that there is no need to keep Lutwama and Ssemanda. It will be unfair to keep them on remand till the end of the case. They should be released unless they have other cases to answer,” Justice Mutonyi ruled.  

She convicted Joseph Walakira to 5 years in jail after revising his charge to being an accessory to the murder.  Wamala’s lawyer, Gastone Kamugisha promised to appeal the conviction of his client despite being implicated by Ssebuyungo. “My client is a whistle-blower. 

The bodies were found in Ssebuyungo’s shrines. He tipped police, Chairpersons and CMI about the activities,” he said. He however, expressed joy that court had convicted Ssebuyungo to 30 years in jail and faulted court for taking long to cause Nabitaka’s arrest yet there evidence indicating that she participated in Mirembe’s murder.