KCC Bribery Scam Exposed

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City law enforcement officers have been accused of torturing suspects and extortion.
The officers allegedly operate an illegal detention facility at city hall where they extort money from their victims before they are released.
Eric Antony Okuku, the Manager of New Driver's School along Apollo Kagwa road says that KCC law enforcement officers recently impounded his car for wrong parking.
He claims that before he could explain himself, the law enforcement officers dragged him to an office at city hall.
Okuku says that in the office that he established belongs to one of the law enforcement officers only identified Ssebaduka, he was forced to surrender all his belongings.
He says that he was held in detention for over 30 minutes along with other suspects who had been picked up by the law enforcement officers.
Okuku claims that he was neither charged nor statement was taken from him.
He says that the law enforcement kept pestering them money to regain their freedom.
Okuku says that after pleading with the officers in vain, he paid shillings 70,000 before he was released.
Lawrence Mateka, another victim says that he was arrested and detained for the whole day by KCC law enforcement officers for unknown reason.
He says that when he was taken to city hall he didn't record any statement and wasn't told why he was arrested in the first place.
He says that the officers kept threatening to take him to court unless he paid a bribe.
After spending several hours in detention Mateka reluctantly paid 80,000 shillings to the law enforcement officers and was released from detention.
Alan Ssekamatte, a tailor in Wandegeya says that he has been a victim to the law enforcement officers on different occasions.
Ssekamate says that the law officers have on different occasions impounded his sawing machines for unknown reason.
He says that they always remain silent because the law enforcement officers threatened to re-arrest them incase they report them to their superiors.
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Magidu Kajoba, a street vendor of second shirts says that he pays between 2000 and 3000 to the law enforcement officer to operate.
Vincent Katungi, the chief city law enforcement officer could neither deny nor confirm the accusations against his team.
Katungi advices people who have been tortured by his men to report them to his office for disciplinary action.
As a result of the complaints from member of the public KCC, has appointed Godfrey Asimwe, the deputy speaker of Kampala to investigate the conduct of law enforcement officers.
Asimye says that they have received several complaints from members of the public about the conduct of the law enforcement officers.
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