KCCA Council Moves to Repossess Nateete Market

The Kampala Capital City Authority Council has directed the KCCA technical wing to repossess Nateete market and resume collection of garbage in the area as investigations into its fraudulent sale continues.
Nateete Market vendors listen to Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago at City Hall today.

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The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Council has directed the authority's technical wing to repossess Nateete Market and resume collection of garbage in the area as investigations into its fraudulent sale continue.

The council chaired by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago today also ordered the Acting Executive Director Sam Sserunkuma and acting legal Director Caleb Mugisha to stop writing letters saying that KCCA does not own the market and has no interest in it. The council proceedings went on as hundreds of vendors camped in the Lord Mayor's Parlour at City Hall waiting to hear Council's decision on the matter.

The council also resolved that two committees probing the market land sale sum up their work before Thursday next week. One committee appointed by Kampala Minister Bti Kamya is chaired by Deborah Mbabazi, the Kampala Resident City Commissioner (RCC) while the City Authority committee is chaired by Murshid Buwembo, the representative of People with Disabilities.

The market under contention sits on one acre of mailo land in Natete. According to documents presented to KCCA committee probing the matter, the market land was sold to R.R Family Transporters Ltd by the proprietors of the contested land on October 22, 2015. The proprietors are: Musa Ddamulira, Madina Nassejje, Juma Lutwama, Suleiman Nsimbe and Ismail Sebugwawo.

The owners had acquired a loan of 250 million Shillings from a one David Bukalamye which they failed to repay, forcing them to sell the Nateete Market land. The owners, however, sold the market land when vendors under their umbrella of Nateete Vendors Company Ltd had a lease remaining with 46 years.

The committees probing the issue are trying to establish how these transactions happened without KCCA's notice and how KCCA can repossess land on which the market sits.

After the meeting, Lukwago assured the vendors that KCCA is still in control of the market and the letter which had earlier been circulated stating that it has no control has been cancelled.

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He told vendors that security will be provided by Police so that no one turns up to evict vendors from the market. He said KCCA will fight to reclaim Nateete Market land.

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The Rubaga Division Mayor Joyce Ssebuggwawo challenged vendors to continue fighting for their market without turning violent. She said there is no way KCCA can distance itself from the market when it has been collecting market dues every month.

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