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KCCA: New Parking Fees Will Discourage Long-Stay Parking :: Uganda Radionetwork

KCCA: New Parking Fees Will Discourage Long-Stay Parking

The Kampala Capital City Authority KCCA says the revised parking fees are aimed at de-congesting the city by discouraging long-stay parking.
KCCA has increased parking fees in Kampala

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The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has explained the revised parking fees in the city saying the move is aimed at de-congesting the city by discouraging long-stay parking.

The parking fees have been increased from 400 to 1,000 Shillings per hour and if a motorist parks in the city area for more than two hours, the fees increase by 800 Shillings every 30 minutes. This means that that if the motorist remains in one parking spot for three consecutive hours, they are bound to pay close to 4,000 shillings. 

For a person who works and parks his or her car in the city centre for eight hours will be paying 11,600 Shillings per day.  On average, there are 24 working days in a month and this means a person who parks in the city centre eight hours daily for a month will be spending about 280,000 shillings on parking fees. 

This would translate to over 3.3 million Shillings a year.

KCCA Deputy Director in charge of roads, Eng. Jacob Byamukama, says the new charges aim to encourage short-stay parking. He says KCCA has conducted a research which revealed that people park in Kampala for two hours on average. KCCA assumes that with new parking fees, people will be leaving the spaces after two hours.

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The new charges take effect starting September. Eng. Byamukama says if people leave parking spaces in the city every after two hours, over 60 percent of vehicles can get where to park. He says there are about 4500 parking spaces in the Central Business District but about 15000 cars park illegally along roadsides daily.

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This move is aimed at “minimising on street parking while encouraging off-street parking especially for commuter and long term parking. Byamukama says KCCA also aims to optimise existing parking capacity by increasing turn over, and improving safety for pedestrians by reducing illegal parking and setting parking charges to a level that promotes short stay parking.

But Julius Bakunda, who owns a printer business along Colville Street opposite Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), says KCCA is wrong to assume that people who come to the city park for two hours. He says people park from morning to evening since they have jobs that necessitate them to stay for a whole day.

Bakunda says KCCA should encourage developers to build parking areas instead of increasing parking fees.

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Cue out: “…stay in town."//

Joseph Tugume, a driver trainer parks his car which is probably his office along Colville Street because he can't afford to rent an office. He says KCCA is wrong to increase parking fee without consulting people. He says the new charges are too high and people will not afford them.

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Cue out: “…kusasura sent ezo.”//

KCCA contracted M/S Multiplex Limited to collect parking fees in Kampala. The company has been paying 140 million shillings per month to KCCA but with the parking fee increment, the company will be paying 337 million shillings per month.

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