KCCA Ping Pong: Technocrats Snub Council Meeting

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Lukwago said technocrats see politicians at KCCA as foreigners who have no mandate or authority to question what they do.
Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and a few councillors who turned up convened briefly to chat a way forward. They postponed the meeting to Wednesday, next week

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 A scheduled Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) council has flopped due to the failure of technocrats to show up. On August 19th, the KCCA Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago issued a notice for a council meeting scheduled for today.

This was supposed to be the first KCCA council meeting in the 2018/19 financial year. The KCCA council last convened in May. 

Attempts to convene several meetings have been futile because of the ping pong between KCCA technocrats, politicians and Kampla minister, Beti Olive Kamya. 

When Lukwago issued a notice for the meeting, the KCCA Deputy Executive Director, Sam Sserunkuma wrote back proposing amendments to the agenda, an indication that they were fine with the date. 

However, Sserunkuma wrote again notifying Lukwago that technocrats couldn't attend the council because they had a scheduled management meeting on the same day. 

"We earlier informed your office that the KCCA management team holds its management and technical planning meetings on Tuesdays and requested that the day be blocked for that purpose," Sserunkuma said in his September 27th 2018 letter. 

"While we are mindful of the significance of the items on the agenda to be discussed, we request that you consider changing the dates of the said meeting to allow the KCCA management team attend a pre-scheduled technical planning meeting," he said. 

This morning, KCCA councilors turned up for the council meeting only to find the council chambers under lock and key. Lukwago couldn't have any of this.

He told journalists that the council is the supreme organ at KCCA and takes precedence over any other activity. "This is the supreme governing body of the institution of KCCA and the business of the authority takes precedence of any other thing. 

So to say that they have a prescheduled technical meeting is absurd," Lukwago said. He postponed the meeting to Wednesday next week, arguing that the technocrats have been hiding behind flimsy reasons to scuttle council business. 

//Cue in: "kati kyitewunyisiza…

Cue out:…enkiiko okutula."//

Lukwago said technocrats see politicians at KCCA as foreigners who have no mandate or authority to question what they do. 

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Cue out:…gwomwezi kumi."//

Nakawa Councilor Kennedy Okello told Uganda Radio Network that they are tired of the technocrat's "unbecoming behavior."

He argued that the institution has many directors who can be delegated to represent their colleagues. The argument that they were all unavailable at the same time, Okello argued is untenable. 

//Cue in: " as authority Councillors…

Cue out:…remains the same."//


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