Ken Lukyamuzi Still Hesitant on Declaration of Wealth

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Controversial Rubaga South MP-elect Ken Lukyamuzi is still hesitant to declare his wealth before the Inspector General of Government (IGG).

The IGG ejected Lukyamuzi, the leader of the opposition Conservative Party (CP), out of the 7th Parliament for failing to declare his wealth as the Leadership Code requires.

Lukyamuzi contested hi removal from parliament and won a landmark case against the IGG.

The panel of seven Supreme Court justices led by the Chief Justice of Uganda, Benjamin Odoki, in unison agreed that the IGG  had no constitutional powers to dismiss Lukyamuzi from parliament.

They ordered the state to pay for all his emoluments since his dismissal as a legislator in 2005.

The Leadership Code, aimed at fighting corruption, requires that every two years public officials declare their assets and liabilities to the IGG.

The latest deadline was March 31st and it saw a mad rush by affected leaders to declare their wealth.

One would have expected Lukyamuzi who has tasted the IGG's wrath to comply but he is staying put, at least for now.

Lukyamuzi says the declaration of wealth has lost meaning because the IGG has no powers to implement the law.


Cue in:  The IGG who …

Cue out: …which take place?


Lukyamuzi insists that the process must not be forced.

Cue in: I will declare …

Cue out: … not take action.

Raphael Baku, the acting IGG, yesterday explained that a grace period of a month is given to leaders who fail to beat the deadline.


He explains that it is only after the grace period that they will be able to know leaders who breached the law.

Cue in: So all those…

Cue out: …made the submissions.


Baku said his initial assessment is that this time around the response from leaders has been great.  He, however, declined to disclose whether top guns like the president, the vice president and the speaker of parliament beat the March 31st deadline.