Kenya donates food to Uganda

The government of Kenya has extended humanitarian support to the landslide victims in Bududa.

The donation worth 13.5 million shillings was made today on the orders of Kenya's president, Mwai Kibaki. The donation includes 700 bags of maize, 600 bags of beans, and 556 cartons of cooking oil.

The donation has been channeled through Kenya's the Western Provincial Commissioner who is expected to liaise with his Ugandan counterpart and handover the consignment for distribution to the landslide victims.The foodstuff donation from Kenya Government is expected to feed over 5,000 people for a period of two months.

More than 300 people were killed when the landslides buried three villages in Bududa.

Government plans to evacuate and relocate more than 10,000 people affected by landslides caused by heavy rains.

David Wakikona, the state minister for northern Uganda, says that the people will be evacuated out of the danger areas and placed in a safe area where they will stay until the rainfall season stops.

Wakikona says seven football pitches in Bududa, Busuuta, Bubita and Bukalasi have been selected for use as resettlement camps.

Deus Bamanya, a senior meteorologist, told UPI news agency that Uganda is expected to see above-normal rains and more landslides and flooding before June.

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