Kenyan National Jailed 37 years for Murder

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Bernard Marunda alias Mohamed Ekapalatan was convicted for killing a bodaboda cyclist Siraje Wambede over five years ago.
Marunda Benard after the sentence

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Moroto High court has sentenced to 37 years in jail, a Kenyan national Bernard Marunda, who was found guilty of murder and aggravated robbery.

Murunda, also known as Mohamed Ekapalatan was convicted for killing Siraje Wambede, a bodaboda cyclist in Moroto district five years ago.

Prosecution led by Gerald Amalo Peter told court that Marunda, and another still at large, on March 25, 2011 at Nakiloro village in Moroto district, disguised as passengers to murder Siraje Wambede and robbed him of a motorbike registration number UDR 235c, a Nokia phone 5130 and 18,000 Uganda Shillings.

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Marunda pleaded guilty after the state produced six witnesses to pin him. He had earlier denied the charges. However, Marunda declined to plead for leniency  saying he had left the matter in God's hands.

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Presiding Judge Henrietta Wolayo said Marunda denied the deceased a right to life through his actions.

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Zaitun Namono, a mother to the deceased said the sentence said it was insufficient.

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