Kibaale NRM Members Return Cards Over Mobilization Money

Party members and leaders in the four villages have returned cards, protesting misappropriation of money meant for mobilization. They say they have lost trust in the leadership that does not consider the good of the party.

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Over 25 NRM members including village party chairpersons have denounced membership by returning party membership cards over embezzled mobilization funds. The NRM village chairpersons and residents from Bukumi, Kasoozi, Nyabiso and Kitanda in Nkondo parish, Bwanswa sub-county, Kibaale District angrily protested the NRM village level primary elections and returned party cards. 

The members claim they did not receive the 250,000 shillings for mobilization, which was released by the secretariat to each village. John Mwesigye is one of the residents in Kasoozi village, who denounced his party membership by returning the NRM card to his party Chairperson Peter Kiiza. Primaries elections in this village did not taken place. 

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The party chairperson in Kasoozi village, Peter Kiiza confirmed receiving the cards from members, adding that residents are demanding the district party leadership provides accountability of the funds. 

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The party chairperson for Bukumi village, Teddy Nakaga told URN they wanted to vote their leaders, but members have lost trust in the district leadership for mishandling the mobilization funds. Fred Mwesigwa, the LC 3 Chairperson for Bwanswa sub-county blames the chaos on poor selection of party registrars.

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In other areas, election presiding officials abandoned work over failed facilitation. John Mary Kisembo, who was supposed to work as a presiding officer at Bukumi primary school says he was not provided with electoral materials, and no facilitation for election officials\' lunch. 

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When contacted, Kibaale RDC Samuel Kisembo Araali said this was unfortunate and registrars would be compelled to produce the missing money. The district registrar, Rita Kisaarare however contested the claims, saying all money to the villages was disbursed.