Kibaale Traders Strike over Raised Tax

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Business came to a standstill in Kagadi Town in Kibaale on Friday following a strike by traders who were protesting hiked taxes by the Town Council authorities.

The traders closed their shops and offices and stormed the Town Council headquarters to demand an explanation for the increased taxes. Their leader, Justus Sande, said sudden increment was unfair and unjust and should be revoked.

Kagadi Town Council recently raised operational tax for hardware dealers from 20,000 shillings per month to 120,000 shillings, while clothes and fabric traders have had their taxes increased from 20,000 shillings to 50,000 shillings irrespective of their current stock.

Sande said the tax increment was made without consultations with the business community. He threatened that the traders would beat up anybody who attempts to collect the money from them.

The area district councillor, Julius Byaruhanga, said he sympathized with the traders and demanded for an explanation for the hiked taxes.

The Kagade Town Clerk, Deo Gafabusa, said the tax increase was agreed upon by the entire council in June this year and he said he had no powers to alter it.