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Kibuku District Battles Increased Cattle Theft :: Uganda Radionetwork

Kibuku District Battles Increased Cattle Theft

According to the leaders, the crime has taken a sharp rise in a period of less than two months with complaints being registered on daily basis across the district.

Local leaders in Kibuku District have expressed great concern over the increasing animal theft in the district.

According to the leaders, the crime has taken a sharp rising trend in a period of less than two months with complaints being registered on daily basis across the entire district. Bukatikoko and Katiryo parishes in the Kituti sub - county in Kibuku district are the most hit.

According to the Police, in less than two months, 20 animal-related theft cases have been recorded.

The Kituti sub-county LC3 chairperson, Farouk Quito says that cases related to cattle theft in the sub-county have become so rampant with the latest being this week where a one Fred Nabongo reportedly stole a cow from one Eseza Nalugudo.

The suspect is being detained at the Kituti police station after he survived being lynched by a mob which later descended on his home and left it completely razed to the ground and his other properties totally destroyed.

According to Kauta, from December last year to date at least 10 cattle have been stolen in Kituti sub-county alone and that something needs to be done about the issue before it gets out of hand.

“There have been a lot of theft of animals and birds in the sub-county and the entire district in general," he said. "We traditionally have not ever worried about theft but it just seems like it has gotten worse and worse. Cattle theft is increasing in the district as economic woes continue and livestock prices rise.” 

Moses Ndoboli, a resident of Katiryo parish said the thieves have given them sleepless nights as they have to protect their animals.

He said the thieves have turned stealing into a business leaving the farmers in tears by stealing their animals and birds.

The officer in-charge of Kituti police station, Difasi Hirya, said that police brought a K-9 dog which directed the detectives to Nabongo’s house which led to his arrest.

He said Police have registered dozens of cattle theft reports. “The community must be vigilant and security conscious to protect their animals and also report suspected people believed to be behind cattle theft for action” he said.

The Kibuku district LC5 chairman, Charles Kadyama, acknowledged that they are grappling with the challenge of cattle theft across the entire district. He urged the residents to build permanent structures and fence it to reduce the increasing theft that is being reported on a daily basis.

He noted that the biggest challenge is that locals leave these animals in the open which gives thieves the advantage to freely go off with the loot.

“The enclosures should act as a preventive measure as it used to be in the old days. People used to keep their animals inside a strong enclosure and cattle were kept in a strong kraal, although theft was also reported but it was minimal”


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