Kinyara FC Sponsorship Renewed

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New life has been breathed into Kinyara Football Club by its sponsor, Kinyara Sugar Works Limited.

Kinyara FC was threatened with disbandment after its sponsor said it may not have the funds to renew its support for the club. It said it was not financially viable to continue to support a venue that did not make any money.

Kinyara FC was advised to find alternative sponsors to fund its activities.

However last month, Kinyara Sugar Works agreed to continue funding the football club, but slashed its operational budget from 130 million to 60 million shillings. Christian Foo Kune, the General Manager of Kinyara Sugar Works, says the chairperson of Kinyara FC was asked to make alternative suggestions for the future of the team, but he has not yet responded.

With the budget cuts, Kinyara FC is unlikely to buy any new players this season. Because of their uncertain future at the club, six senior players including Kwikwi Zamayoni, the dependable left-winger have quit. Kwikwi has joined Police FC, while some players have gone to Victor FC and others have joined clubs in Tanzania.

David Byenkya, the Team Secretary of Kinyara FC says the six players asked to leave officially. Byenkya says they are not sure if all players will return.