Kira Town Councilors turn against their Mayor

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Members of Kira Town Council in Wakiso district plan to report their Mayor, Mamerito Mugerwa, to the Ministry of Local Government for evading tax.

Ben Mayanja, a member of the Kira Town Council works committee, claims that Mamerito has been using his office to grab land and to forcefully evict lawful tenants of property in the area. He says that despite being a large land lease holder, Mamerito does not pay tax, frustrating revenue collection services in the area.

Additionally Mamerito is alleged to have misappropriated 80 million shillings set aside to level a public playground at Bweyogerere Trading Center.

According to Mayanja this case was reported to the Inspectorate of Government in April this year, but no action has been taken to bring Mamerito to book. He says the matter will now be forwarded to the Ministry of Local Government and if no action is taken, the councilors will go on strike.

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In addition to abuse of office, Mamerito Mugerwa is accused of ignoring the advice of the town council. He recently dismissed the Kira Town Clerk, Lillian Nakamatte, ignoring the cautions of his councilors, and appointed Uthman Ssebadduka to replace her.

In a telephone interview, Mamerito Mugerwa blasted Ben Mayanja and other councilors opposed to his administration, calling them rebels. He vowed to discipline them through local government administrative procedures.