Kiruhura District Raises only 32% of Budgeted Revenue, Faces Uncertain Future

Kiruhura district raises 65% of its revenue equivalent to 1.5 billion as per planfrom cattle markets, with other sources like dairy markets, axi park, Matooke markets among others bringing in the remainng 35%.
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Kiruhura District Authority is facing a huge task to raise the budgeted local revenue collections in the financial year 2021/2022 having collected only 800 million shillings out of 2.5 billion last financial year.

Kiruhura is one of the districts that are under cattle quarantine over increasing spread of foot and mouth disease. The disease that first broke out in December last year has seen all cattle markets closed in the entire district.

Some of the key markets include Kazo, Buremba, Kanoni, Burunga and Rwemikoma in Kazo sub county which have been running twice a month, Nyakashashara, Kikatsi, Sanga and Kanyaryeru, which run once a month, others are in Nyabushozi Kenshunga, Kinoni and Kashongi sub counties.

According to the district Chairperson LC V Kiruhura Disrict Dan Mukago the finan, incial year 2020/2021 the district only managed to collect 800 million Shillingsout of the 2.5 billion Shillings that was budgeted for collection.   

This resulted a shortfall of 1.7 Billion shillings.

Mukago largely blames the shortfall on the outbreak of covid-19 and later foot and mouth disease, which came in at a time when the district had not recovered from the effects of covid-19 lockdown, the two diseases saw most of the avenues from which the district used to generate local revenue closed down.

These mostly include cattle markets that usually raise more revenue that was meant to amounting to 1.5 billion Shillings, equivalent to 65% of all tax sources that include dairy markets, taxi park and Matooke markets among others.

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Mukago, the former speaker and now new LC V chairman for Kiruhura district says service delivery has been affected by budget cuts by both the central government and local revenue and they are now seeking central government interventions for the 2021-22 financial year.

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Sezi Mwetware, the District speaker, said much as government plans to vaccinate animals in the quarantined districts, he wants it to consider vaccinating wild animals or demarcate in Lake Mburo national park land from the farm lands where cattle graze.

He suspects foot and mouth disease originates from the wild animals in the neighboring national park.

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Kiruhura district Resident Commissioner Aminhdhabu Muhindo said that they are currently fighting traders who transport cattle at night since they are failing the fight against FMD.



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