Kitgum LC 3 Sacks Entire Executive

He redeployed Betty Okello, the former general purpose to the position of secretary finance.

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Quirino Olum, the LC 3 chairperson of Orom Sub County in Kitgum district has sacked his entire executive and appointed new members. They are Christopher Olwenyi, Vice LC 3 Chairperson and finance secretary only identified as Jacqueline. He appointed James Kilama Okwero his vice chairperson and Janet Atyang Okwanga, secretary general purpose.

He redeployed Betty Okello, the former general purpose to the position of secretary finance. Olum says those he laid off were conspiring with his opponents to deliberately fail his leadership. Olum, who contested on the Democratic Party, accuses the officials of involving themselves in dangerous caucuses at the sub county.  

He says the NRM dominated council is using the forum to frustrate his development initiatives.

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Olum says he was provoked by actions of his opponents who recently accused him of using the elders’ forum for political capital, shortly after they resolved to frustrate every effort of the elders. He however, says the new nominees have not yet shown interest to take up the posts since he appointed them in June. According to the local government Act Cap 243, they have up to September to reject or accept the new tasks.

James Kilama Okwero says he will not take up the post until the tension between Olum and sub county chief calms down. The remote Orom Sub County is the gateway to Kidepo Valley National Park in Karamoja sub region. It is the largest sub county in Kitgum district. The vastness has often hindered communication. To prevent council giving his government a vote of no confidence, Olum has assumed the position of the Secretary in Charge of General Purpose in order to perform functions in other departments as well.

He says he will retain this position beyond the September council sitting if the new appointees decline to take up their appointments.

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Olum however, has the backing of Betty Okello, the finance secretary who he watches closely for any signs of betrayals. The DP strong man says he has up to September to fill the existing vacancies. He says he will return his former secretaries if the new appointees completely refuse to take up the posts.

Geoffrey Oguti, the Speaker Kitgum District Local Council says Olum is mandated to reshuffle his executive as provided for in the local government act. He says as sub county chairperson, he is only advised on legal matters by the sub county chief.