Kitgum Leaders Demand Accountability for Funds From Hospital Private Wing

A section of district councillors allege that since its inception in 2016, the hospital administrators have not issued any financial accountability from the private wing and other revenue sources citing the Municipal parking yard and mechanical workshops which are both hosted by the hospital.

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Kitgum district councillors are demanding for accountability of funds collected from the private wing of Kitgum Hospital.  A section of district councillors are concerned that  the hospital administrators have not provided any financial accountability from tyhe unit, since it was set up three years ago.

The LCV Councillor for Pager and Central division Jeniffer Amono Opira alleges that the private wing is using drugs, medical supplies and human resource personnel meant for the general hospital wards and outpatients department (OPD).

Amono wants the district health department to temporarily close the private wing until accountability is presented.

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The Kitgum District Speaker Simon Peter Loum says that members of the public are reportedly complaining of being compelled to seek for services at the private wing where they are charged exorbitant fees for services and drugs that are supposed to be offered free of charge.

Loum says that it is unfortunate for the district to continue allocating funding to the hospital if some of its facilities and equipment are allegedly being used for profit gains at the expense of taxpayer’s money.

He wants the hospital administrators to present accountability of the funds realized at the private wing for the past two financial years.

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But the LCV Councilor for Labongo Layamo Sub County Emmanuel Lapyem says that the hospital administrators should be given time to provide accountability rather than close the private wing.

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Bezzy Omoya, the Senior Hospital administrator, says that all drugs and medical supplies being utilized at the private wing are procured. He also says that all funds being realized from the facility have always been well accounted for and its 35 percent from the total revenue collected has been reflected in the district’s general account as local revenue.

According to Omoya more than 30 million shillings is realized from the private wing each quarter.