Kitgum Municipal Council Adopts Digital Revenue Collection System

The system replaces the physical or manual revenue collection method, which has always been marred by numerous challenges leading to poor revenue collection.

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Kitgum Municipal Council has adopted the use of a new electronically automated system for the collection of local revenue. The Integrated Revenue Administration System (IRAS) is an initiative is aimed at having an integrated single revenue collection system that suits tax management needs in all local governments.

The Kitgum Municipality Acting Town Clerk Harriet Atim Okot says the system was introduced to replace the physical or manual revenue collection method, which has always been marred by numerous challenges leading to poor revenue collection. According to Okot, it’s anticipated that the automated system will largely contribute towards improved revenue collection, transparency, accountability, and efficiency in service delivery to the taxpayers.

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Maureen Nakibuuka of WEA Constancy Firm, a company contracted to activate the system and orient municipal and division staff, says the system is designed and customized to suit all specific revenue collection needs including auto tax computation, improved compliance supported by instant SMS alerts and constant reminders to the taxpayers.

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The Kitgum Municipality Mayor Richard Okwera Ojara says the modern automated revenue management system will help the council in mitigating the challenges being faced by the current manual system, including revenue leakages, at source spending, and lack accurate data among others.

The technology according to Ojara, will also enhance revenue collection which will help local government improve on revenue performance to meet the increasing level of demand for service delivery by the citizens.

Ojara says the municipal council majorly depends on finances from the central government as conditional grants with limited flexibility to cater to specific needs of the local community.

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The news about the new automated technology has been welcomed by the business community in Kitgum Municipality who say it will limit time wastages and the rampant incidences of loss of local revenue by untrustworthy municipal staff.

Richard Okello, a business proprietor in Pandwong Division says the technology will simplify the hurdles always met while meeting their tax obligations since they will make their payments at the comfort of their homes, businesses, and workplaces.

“We shall not be laboring to go to the divisions and the municipal headquarters or even to the bank to make payments ranging from trading licenses, service tax to property rates and others”, says Okello.

The system was developed with support from the World Bank through PPIAF Trust Fund and has been piloted and is now operational in Fort Portal and Gulu City and 30 municipalities being supported under USMID AF in Uganda.

Currently, the technical staff of Kitgum Municipality are undergoing induction on how the IRAS works before carrying out massive mobilization and sensitization of all the business community about the use of the system.