Kitgum Taxi Operators Procure Handwashing Gears for Passengers

David Opiyo, the KITODA Chairperson told Uganda Radio Network in an interview that they have raised a total of shillings 300,000 purchasing 10 water tanks for hand washing within the main bus park.
One of the taxis at Kitgum main bus park. Drivers have so far raised 300,000 shillings to procure hand washing gears for passengers. Photo By Julius Ocungi

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Drivers at Kitgum Main Bus Park in Kitgum Municipality have taken a step ahead towards implementing preventive measures against spread of Corona Virus disease by procuring hand-washing gears for passengers.

The drivers under their umbrella body, Kitgum Taxi owners and Drivers Association Ltd [Kitoda] on Thursday revealed that the move is aimed at curbing the possible spread of the disease since the bus terminal attracts travellers from various areas.

According to statistics from KITODA offices, around 400-500 people from various destinations arrive and exit the bus terminal for various businesses.

David Opiyo, the KITODA Chairperson told Uganda Radio Network in an interview that they have raised a total of shillings 300,000 purchasing 10 watertanks for hand washing within the main bus park.


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He says the facility will be installed at the main entrance and exit and all taxi stages and will be used by passengers, drivers and loaders.

Opiyo says they have also resolved to restrict entry and exit of passengers, traders and all those who operate at the terminal through only two points to ease monitoring.


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He, however, appealed to the newly unveiled district task force committee to consider conducting sensitization at the bus terminal to equip taxi operators with knowledge on Corona Virus Disease.

When Uganda Radio Network visited the bus park this morning, very few taxi operators and transport companies had started implementing preventive measures by offering handwashing facilities for their passengers and casual workers.

Nabatanzi Jovia, the Assistant Manager for Roblyn Bus in Kitgum says the bus company is already adhering to the government’s directives of ensuring all passengers wash their hands before boarding their buses.


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Alanyo Aidha, a senior booking clerk working with Roblyn Bus Company says they are implementing the president’s directive to help prevent any possible spread of the disease.


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Musa Oryem, a taxi Driver plying Kitgum-Lira-Gulu route notes that there is an urgent need by the government through the Ministry of health to provide hand washing facilities in Bus Parks and also conduct training among drivers.

He says bus terminals host several people from different destinations and notes that it’s important those in charge are equipped with knowledge about the disease to ease prevention.


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Kitgum District yesterday unveiled a task force committee that will be tasked with creating awareness, coordinating and monitoring preventive measures and strengthening the district’s preparedness to combat Corona Virus disease.