Kitgum Under Threat of Noise Pollution

Kitgum town's sounds cape is increasingly coming under threat of Noise pollution.

Thunderous musical noise blaring from the disco and video halls have taken the town by storm and the residents there are unhappy about the trend of events.

David Okech a resident of Apolo ground in Kitgum town, says the clangs, hums, hisses and screeches of mechanization have long emitted grating frequencies wearing on his nerves both day and night.

A few people however seem to know that noise pollution contributes to illness and disorientation, and messes with the internal systems, raising the heart rate.

Mary Abalo, resides next to showers Discotheque. She is worried that if not regulated, the noise pollution could plunge the once serene Kitgum town into chaos.

Kitgum has no ordinance on sound pollution but the people feel the municipality must spring into action and bring sanity back to the town.

Samuel Olweny, the Urban Environment Officer, however says that he has not yet received any formal compliant regarding noise pollution.

The National Environmental Act sets standards for noise in residential areas and commercial areas at night at 50 decibels. Failure to take heed could lead to closure of a business premise or fine or both.