Kitgum Wheat growers frustrated by poor markets

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Wheat growers in Agoro Sub-County in Kitgum district have resorted to eating their wheat due to lack of markets.
In 2007 Nile Breweries opened a pilot scheme to grow wheat in the mountainous parishes of Potika and Pawach. But the wheat farmers say their hopes of minting more cash were squandered when their produce were bought only that year.
Sabina Adyee reveals that she harvested a sack of wheat in 2007 and sold at shs 450 per kilo.
Adyee says she expected to get more income as the buyers had promised to buy each kilogram at shs.1000 and planted an acre.
She says the buyers never returned and she had to turn her four sacks of wheat into home bread.
Sevi Mandela another wheat farmer says he tried growing in 2007 and got shs 200.000
Mandela says he planted two fields in 2008 and got five sacks, and expected to get more money but the buyers never returned.
He says he ended up selling his produce in a seed fair project.
Mandela says those who planted massively and could not sell them during seed fairs ended up eating the wheat.
//Cue in: iIn 2007 we started#i
Cue out: i#because they don't have market.i//
But Turker Okee, the Agoro sub county NAADS coordinator blames the lack of market for wheat to poor access roads.
Okee believes that if there were access roads wheat farming could become one of the cash crops in the area.
He says the wheat had already attracted buyers from Kenya, Tororo, Kampala and Jinja to buy the wheat but they bought less tons than they wanted.
//Cue in: iAgoro mountain has the potential#i
Cue in: i#road was impassable.i//