Komamboga Bombing Victim Laid to Rest At Bukasa Cemetery

Nyinaneza a 20-year-old barmaid who is thought to have come from Rwanda had no known relatives in Uganda leaving her body unclaimed by anyone.
26 Oct 2021 17:12
Nyinaneza's body being lowered in the grave

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Esther Emily Nyinaneza, the sole victim who died in the Saturday bombing in Komamboga has been laid to rest at the Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA Cemetery at Bukasa, in Kira Municipality, Wakiso district.

Nyinaneza a 20-year-old barmaid who is thought to have come from Rwanda had no known relatives in Uganda leaving her body unclaimed by anyone. The LCI Chairperson of Komamboga Paddy Mulumba’s home is where her vigil was held on Monday.

Speaking before the burial Pastor Richard Miiro who led the funeral prayers called upon the country to be alert to foil future attempts by terrorists to cause havoc. He called upon all those who were hurt in the blasts to forgive the perpetrators because that is what God calls for.

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Gerald Kateregga, the chairman of the Komamboga Business Centre disputed claims that their place is the only one with open bars despite their closure by the President. Kateregga said contrary to what the public knows, at Komamboga what they call bars are restaurants dealing in all manner of foods.

He called upon the government to quickly do their investigations and lift the codon on the area so that traders resume their normal businesses.

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Godfrey Muyimbwa, the spokesperson of the Komamboga Diehard, an association that brings together revellers at the now infamous entertainment centre said the area employs a lot of people who would be rendered jobless if the government were to shut down the place indefinitely.

Like Kateregga, Muyimbwa said the businesses such as hardware shops, saloons, retail shops among others that characterize the area are legal businesses that the government allowed to reopen when it eased the Covid-19 restrictions.

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The area councillor Michael Mukooza assured the mourners that the government was doing everything it takes to ensure that Ugandans continue living in peace without fear of being harmed.

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Meanwhile, while the pastor was praying before the body was lowered in the grave, there was pandemonium after a man who was touring the cemetery left his black bag unattended. The mourners most of whom were holding beer bottles began scampering for dear life after one loudly asked what was in the bag.

The burial that was attended by about 250 people was interrupted for some minutes until the owner of the bag showed up and emptied it to show that it didn’t contain anything worth worrying about. Ever since the Saturday bombing, there has been several bomb scares in and around Kampala.

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