Kotido Central Division Speaker Resigns to Join Civil Service

After becoming a successful candidate two weeks ago for the post of Assistant Enforcement Officer in Kotido Municipal Council, Lepera resigned from the position of being Speaker and Councillor.

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The Speaker of Kotido Central Division and former Interim Speaker of Kotido Municipal Council has resigned to join public service.

Herbert Francis Lepera, was two weeks ago appointed Assistant Enforcement Officer in Kotido Municipal Council,

Lepera says that he decided to resign his position of being the Speaker due to several reasons.

Top among them is that he had lost his popularity with the technical staff in Kotido Municipal Council over allowances for the councillors. 

// Cue in “My lifestyle was…

Cue out…feed them”//

He adds that despite being a speaker, his allowance which is paid after a council sitting in a space of three months was too meagre to support his large family.

Despite Lepera’s resignation, the Electoral Commission is not aware.

Januaries Otim, the Deputy Registrar Kotido said the Commission has not received any official communication to this effect but they have only heard it as a rumour.

He said once his office has been formally notified, they will write to the Electoral Commission Head Office and a by-election is organized.

Lepera becomes the second councillor to resign in Kotido after the Kotido District Female Youth Councillor, Gertrude Naibok resigned to join Association of Volunteers International, AVSI.

The Town Clerk Kotido Municipal Council Sereverio Mukobi said a new speaker will be elected in the next council sitting.

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Cue out…a speaker”//