Kotido NRM Leaning Independent Candidate Threatens to Quit Party

Aporu is particularly concerned with the heavy deployment of security forces during the elections, something he notes was used to intimidate voters.
Jean Mark Aporu during an interview with URN at his home in Kotido town.

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Jean Mark Aporu, the NRM party leaning independent candidate who lost in the  Kotido Municipality parliamentary race has threatened to quit the party. 

Aporu, who polled 4,248 votes was beaten by Peter Abrahams Lokii, the NRM flag bearer with a margin of 1,582 votes.

However, following the declaration of the Lokii as winner, Aporu says that Lokii was imposed by the party to carry the  NRM flag, adding that top party officials failed to listen to his grievances  after the party primaries. 

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Aporu is particularly concerned with the heavy deployment of security forces during the elections, which he says intimidated his supporters. 

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There was heavy deployment in Kotido that started on Wednesday after clashes between Aporu and Lokii's supporters in town where scores were injured. However, the presence of uniformed men heightened on Friday evening towards the close of polls. 

Both army, police and prison personnel were seen taking control of the Kotido town round about, major streets and EC offices were the tallying was conducted. 

NRM administrator for Lokii campaign task force in Kotido, Peter Pex Paak, when contacted said there was not much time for the party to resolve the internal differences after party primaries. 

“There was little time for discussions arising from party primaries but if there was a petition to that effect, the party secretariat would address. Otherwise, it's very unfortunate for one us to label such accusations to the party that he subscribes to” Paak said.

Karamoja is NRM's stronghold and all MPs in the region and district chairpersons were elected either as the party flag bearers or leaning independents. 

However, only the just-concluded elections in Kotido Municipality saw opposition party candidates nominated as flag bearers for both MP and mayoral race. 

Even in the LC1 polls, FDC was able to grab 20 slots against the majority 230 slots garnered by the ruling party across the district. 

In the Kotido Municipality council elections, more than 20 positions were won by FDC. 

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