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Kwania-Based Councilors End Fight Over Executive Positions :: Uganda Radionetwork

Kwania-Based Councilors End Fight Over Executive Positions

Atongtidi Sub County councilors gather during the reconciliation meeting on Friday (Photo by Solomon Okabo)

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Atongtidi Sub County councilors in Kwania district have finally agreed to reconcile and end a major rift that emerged at the end of 2023. They say they have let the past go in favor of development at the sub-county.    

On 22nd December 2023, Atongtidi Sub County Chairman, Patrick Onyum Okwang announced a reshuffle of his cabinet in which he dropped some members of the executive. 

While he said his action was legal as per the Local Government Act, it sparked a major debate within the sub-county. 

Councilors were particularly opposed to the selection of Lalam Sarah for the post of Secretary for Production and Marketing. The chairperson had dropped Rosalin Adongo from the post of Education and Health Secretary. She had been replaced by Denis Omong.

Richard Ebong Opyene had been assigned to take up the post of secretary for Gender, Labour, and Community Based Services. 

While Johnson Okech who had been serving as the Sub County Vice Chairperson had been assigned to take up the post of Finance Secretary. 

Amidst the standoff, Atongtidi Sub County Speaker, James Adupa moved to suspend the Executive. His action left the Sub County under the embattled y Chairman Patrick Onyum Okwang and his Vice Richard Ebong Opyene.   

Several meetings were held in the district to end the controversy. One such meeting was held on the 28th of December 2023 at Nambieso Sub County headquarters by Kwania District Speakers’ Association and Kwania District Clerk to Council. James Adupa was faulted for illegally suspending Atongtidi Sub County Executive Committee. 

On Friday, the Chairperson Kwania District Council Speakers’ Association Tonny Ojok met Atongtidi Sub County councilors. The meeting ended with a reconciliation between the Sub County Speaker and the Chairman.  

The meeting gave a go-ahead to the appointed Executives to commence work and the vacant position created after dropping Roslin Adongo. 

The vacant position was to be filled by the Sub County Chairman pending appointment and presentation before the council in the subsequent council sitting for approval. 

Patrick Onyum Okwang blamed the tension on selfish interests and the fight for the executive positions.

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Kwania District Council Speakers' Association Chairperson, Tonny Ojok asked the councilors to set aside selfish interests and intrigue to improve service delivery.

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Atongtidi Sub County councilors who spoke during the meeting blamed the tension to rumor-mongering and political differences.

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Cue out: ... anonok obedo anii."

"The main problem why this Sub County is not running smoothly is politics. Some people want to be helped to pull down the sub-county Chairman. The sub-county speaker is always biased and the main source of tension is rumor mongering this is retarding Development"