Kyagulanyi Vows to Defy EC Directive on Campaigns

According to Kyagulanyi, although the Electoral Commission has suspended campaigns in certain districts, they will continue canvassing for votes.
NUP leaders

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The National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has vowed to canvass for votes  in districts where political campaigns were banned by the Electoral Commission.

On Saturday, the EC suspended campaign meetings of all categories of elections in 16 districts and cities in the country due to the surging Covid-19 infections exacerbated by mass gatherings.  

The districts include Kasese, Mbarara, Kabarole, Luwero, and Kampala among others.  EC advised candidates to restrict themselves to virtual campaigns by using radios, televisions, social media, community-based Public Address Systems (kizindaalo) and other online platforms.

According to Kyagulanyi, although the Electoral Commission has suspended campaigns in certain districts, they will continue canvassing for votes.

He says that even without the ban, their campaigns have several times been blocked.

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Kyagulanyi said that they will not give up. He added that the brutality, kidnaps and deaths have only given them the energy to accomplish their mission.

 Kyagulanyi also gave a status update on hospitalized Ghetto TV Journalists Ashraf Kasirye who was shot on the head with a rubber bullet while covering Kyagulanyi in Masaka. 

He said Kasirye was successfully operated on and will soon recover. Kyagulanyi also demanded footage from Police showing how Francis Senteza Kalibala, one of his private bodyguards died.

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According to Kyagulanyi, he will resume his campaigns on Wednesday in Kalangala. 

Mathias Mpuuga the Masaka Municipality MP says that they are assured of victory in the central region whether they campaign or not.

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Lina Zedriga, the NUP Deputy President in charge of Northern Uganda says that their party stands for peace and justice and this is the message they will keep on preaching.

Zedriga says that the regime has used all means including buying off NUP supporters. She asked Ugandans to turn up in big numbers on voting day. 

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