Kyambogo Staff Shun University as Academic Year Opens

There was lackluster activity at Kyambogo University as the new academic year commenced on Monday.
There was lackluster activity at Kyambogo University as the new academic year commenced on Monday.

Many lecture rooms remained deserted and closed throughout the university, a situation no different from the university dining halls whose cooks had also heeded to the earlier communicated sit-down strike.

Kyambogo University Academic Staff Association (KYUASA), the umbrella body of all the teaching staff at the university, lay down tools effective Monday till a substantial salary increment of 300% and top-up allowances are accorded to its members.

The only form of communication from administration is an August 17th letter addressed to KYUASA chairperson and the chairperson of the National Union of Education Institutions (NUEI), calling upon the bodies to call off the strike as they await an emergency council meeting on Wednesday.

Students that had turned up for lectures remained moving around the premises with no hope of even getting lunch.

Mike Olumait, a student of accounting and finance, blames the university management for failing to resolve the matter on time, adding that it would lead to a students’ strike if not solved. He calls on the lecturers to consider students who pay their money, including tuition and functional fees, to come and study.

Dr. Charles Twesigye, the KYUASA chairperson, told URN that he saw no reason to be in the university until a resolution had been reached by the administration amidst the growing number of concerns by the staff members.

He further added that the KYUASA members will continue with their strike till all their demands have been sorted out.

The standoff arises from a demand of a 300% salary increment and top-up allowances to their salaries.

KYUASA had given the administration a 14-day ultimatum to respond to their demands which elapsed today with no formal agreement reached.