Kyambogo University Council Members Still in Office

Kyambogo University staff recently charged in court remain in office and still conducting their business contrary to the Uganda Public Service Standing Order 2010.

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Kyambogo University staff recently charged in court remain in office contrary to the Uganda Public Service Standing Order 2010.


Last Friday, the Inspectorate of Government arrested Prof. John Okedi, Chairman, Kyambogo University Council, Prof. Dr. J. Opuda-Asibo, Acting Vice Chancellor, Kyambogo University, Mr. Sam Akorimo – University Secretary, Kyambogo University, Mr. Ham Mungyereza – Bursar, Kyambogo University and Dr. Wilfred Nahamya, Lecturer, Kyambogo University.


Also charged was Mr. Daniel Ndawula, Lecturer, Kyambogo University and Mrs. Christine Obonyo Kyayonka, Deputy, Registrar (Admissions), Kyambogo University.


The group was charged for abuse of office contrary to section eleven of the Anti-Corruption Act, Conflict of Interest contrary to section nine of the same act.


The Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2010 requires that once a public officer has been charged before the court of law such an officer faces interdiction.


Interdiction is the temporary removal of a public officer from exercising his or her duties while an investigation over a particular misconduct is being carried out.


However Uganda Radio Network established the entire group of people who were charged in court with the exception of the University council chairman, Prof. John Okedi have been frequenting their offices at the university.


When contacted the spokesperson for the Inspectorate of Government, Ali Munira said it was not the responsibility of the IGG to interdict the University staff.


Munira said the IGG had done what was in their mandate to do what remains should for someone at the university to handle because the university continued to run even when the officers were arrested.


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Cue out: …to do.”//


However the Kyambogo University spokesperson, Lawrence Madete could not be drawn to comment on the issue saying it was subjudice.


Meanwhile one Anthony Sebuyiira has complained to the IGG over the officers continued stay at the university long after they were charged in court.


In May 17 letter to the IGG, Sebuyiira petitioned that the IGG exercise its constitutional powers to direct that the officers vacate their offices.