Kyotera Man Stabbed at Minister Kasolo’s Rally

The victim identified as Joseph Ssemazzi, was attacked by an unknown man shortly after arriving to join the huge crowd at the venue.
Joseph Ssemazzi, a resident of Kyotera who was stabbed at Minister Kasolo's rally.

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A 40-year-old National Resistance Movement -NRM supporter has been admitted to hospital in serious condition after being stabbed at a rally in Kalisizo town council.  

The incident occurred at Kalisizo playground where Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, the Member of Parliament for Kyotera Constituency, held a massive rally last evening.   The victim identified as Joseph Ssemazzi, a resident of Kyotera town, was attacked by an unknown man shortly after arriving at the venue to join the huge crowd.   The strange incident left many people scattered in confusion while the brave ones rushed the attack victim him to Kalisizo hospital while bleeding profusely.  

The sharp blade sliced through his biceps and armpit as he tried to defend himself.   Until now, it is unclear how it happened as it was executed fast that no one spotted his attacker or followed him. Surprisingly the police was not present at all at such a huge gathering.   

It is not yet clear how and why the attacker spotted Ssemazzi amid all those other supporters.   Ismael Dafara, the NRM mobiliser in Kyotera, appealed to police to intervene and investigate the matter deeper saying that it is not the first time they are allegedly being attacked by the opposition supporters.

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He adds that they are waiting for a doctor’s recommendation whether he gets referral or not.   Dafara says that if police and other security organs neglect such attacks on people they may be forced to act contrary to the law.   

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James Lutalo, a colleague to Ssemazzi, says that people who intimidate or attack others because of their political affiliations and views should firmly  be dealt with. 

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Minister Kasolo has condemned the incident saying it was unfortunate, and he suspects the rival groups for having attacked his supporter. He further warned to deal with anyone who attacks his supporters and posters.   

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Paul Ssekajugo, a health worker who received Ssemazzi, says that he is improving and he may not need referral.

Muhammad Nsubuga, the Masaka Regional Police spokesperson, say they are to investigate circumstances under which the Ssemazzi was attacked. 


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