Kyotera Resident Loses Pancreas to Stray Bullet

Kalyango Kyakuwa whose pancreas was removed after a stray bullet hit him

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A 28-year-old-man is living in agony after a stray bullet ripped his pancreas. Kalyango Kyakuwa, a resident of Kasasa-Sanje sub-county, in Kyotera district, where the incident happened on Boxing Day. 

According to Kyakuwa, the bullet was fired as the police dispersed supporters of Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the leader of National Unity Platform (NUP) who was campaigning in the area that day.   

Kyakuwa says that he was attending to his business when the police started firing teargas and live bullets to disperse the crowd. Suddenly, he lay unconscious while bleeding excessively, prompting good Samaritans to rush him to Kalisizo hospital where he was operated. 

//Cue in; “Twaulirako ebigambo nti… 

Cue out…nga ndi muddwaliro.”//   

Surgery to remove the pancreas is usually done for people with pancreatic cancer, severe pancreatitis, or damage to the pancreas from an injury.   

Robert Mwanje, his elder brother, says they agreed to extract Kyakuwa’s ripped pancreas because it could not function anymore. Mwanje explains that they first took a scan which confirmed the pancreas had been damaged beyond repair. 

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Cue out…ejamaanyi gyo takyagikola.”//   

Dr Emanuel Ssekyeru, the Kyotera Medical Superintendent says that a person can live without a pancreas only that they cannot carry heavy loads or perform heavy duties.

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Cue out…asobola okuberawo.”//   

The pancreas makes substances that control the person’s blood sugar and help the body digest foods. After surgery, a person needs to take medicines to handle those functions.    

Another medic, who preferred anonymity explains that as much as Kyakuwa can live without a pancreas, he is left with no cells that make insulin to maintain blood sugar levels in the body. According to the medic, he has to rely on injectable insulin to help him.   

Kyakuwa who is still under close monitoring by doctors at the hospital has appealed to the government and Good Samaritans to help him to recover to support his family because he is their breadwinner. 

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Cue out…kwetukolera emirimu gyaffe.”//

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