Lack of Protective Equipment Hindering Management of COVID-19 in Bushenyi, Rubirizi

A nurse who Spoke on condition of anonymity, at Bushenyi Ishaka Health center IV, says they have been struggling to attend to suspects of corona and they have resorted to buying them out of their pockets at between 2000 and 5000 shillings.

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The shortage of protective gears in Bushenyi and Rubirizi districts is affecting the management of COVID-19 suspects.   Most suspects are unattended to because health workers fear to go to the field without protective gear.  

Rubirizi District Health Officer, Dr Kisesete Tibenda, says they don’t have any protective gear and the earlier stock in the stores is used up. 

//Cue in: “it is true… Cue out: …the mucus membranes.”// 

Harriet Nakamya, the Rubirizi District Commissioner, says they are facing a challenge of essentials to use on the landing sites along the lakes of Edward George and Kazinga Channel.

//Cue in “nga bwekugambye ebikola… Cue out: …VHTs baali trained.”//

Bushenyi district health officer Dr Edward Mwesigye says they don’t have protective gear for health workers.

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Jaffar Basajjabalaba, Bushenyi District LCV, says medics are fearing to go to fields because they are not protected. He says they are having stock out of masks and gloves. 

//Cue in: “yes we are… Cue out: …let us improvise.”//

A nurse who spoke on condition of anonymity, at Bushenyi Ishaka Health Center IV, says they have been struggling to attend to coronavirus suspects. She says that they are forced to buy the masks and cloves using their money.

Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Health ministry spokesperson, says the ministry is aware of the shortages and is in plans to distribute the protective gear.

Bushenyi and Rubirizi district recently had 19 suspected cases that under self quarantine in their homes.